Do the Fitness Check!

Do the Fitness Check!

Do the Fitness Check!

Are your processes aligned with your strategies and goals? Are all your functions harmonized with each other? How are sustainability, compliance and digitalization operationalized? In short: Are you familiar with your end-to-end performance?

Considering the accelerated pace, it is particularly important to stay up-to-date while adapting performance accordingly. However, companies face the challenge to modify routines in order to impartially increase performance and capabilities.

  1. Our Solution
  2. Fitness Check Light
  3. Fitness Check Intense
  4. Fitness Check Customized

Our solution

The Fitness Check provides an independent assessment of your end-to-end performance. The evaluation of your capabilities and processes occur along our performance dimensions. The dimensions combine best practices with scientific expertise of professors from the International School of Management (ISM). Depending on your requirements the Fitness Check can be tailored to your needs:

Fitness Check Light

Quick analysis of your end-to-end process

  • Completion of an online survey by executives and employees from procurement and accounting
  • Conception of your strengths and weaknesses profile
  • Assessment of your performance range in comparison to best practices

Fitness Check Intense

In-depth evaluation of your performance indicator in addition to the quick analysis

  • Analysis of dimension specific figures, data and facts
  • Interviews with executives, employees as well as selected stakeholders to illustrate a 360° perspective
  • Determination of target vision for selected performance dimensions
  • Development of your roadmap with tailored optimization measures

Fitness Check Customized

Extension of the Fitness Check Intense including following performance components

  • Detailed analysis of dimension specific figures, data and facts
  • Quantitative analysis of invoice- and order datan
  • Data aggregation and generation of specific KPIs in the SF+ Spend Cube
  • Definition of individual cost reduction potentials
  • Development of a customized roadmap to efficiently realise your target vision

Your Benefit

  • Profound analysis of strength and weakness profile along our performance dimensions
  • New perspective through an independent assessment of your performance
  • Comprehensive acceptance of results due to an active involvement of stakeholders
  • Transparency on your KPIs for visualization purposes
  • Roadmap for optimization and development of your end-to-end process to contribute to your company’s success


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Do the Fitness Check!

Do the Fitness Check!

Do the Fitness Check! Are your processes aligned with your strategies and goals? Are all your functions…

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