Data Quality

Create a sustainable and valid database

With increasing digitization, good data quality is the elementary prerequisite for the horizontal and vertical networking of business processes. However, its importance is still underestimated. This leads to:

  • Incorrect, incomplete and outdated data records
  • High redundancies and missing marking of inactive master data
  • No existing or no obligatory sets of rules
  • Missing payments and outstanding settlements of credit balances due to master data quality

Our approach

  • Updating and cleansing of your master data (completion, updating and creation of redundancy-free data, blocking of inactive data, etc.)
  • Evaluation of existing processes and systems to create a set of rules for the administration of supplier master data (master data policy)
  • Creation of a transparent and audit-compliant process through training of involved areas/persons

Digital tool

The use of modern Data Mining technology enables an efficient analysis of complex data sets. This allows large amounts of data to be analyzed quickly and data patterns to be identified. The technology uncovers inconsistencies in data quality, scope and timeliness, and creates the transparency to cleanse and optimize your database. For this purpose, we work together with the company Transparent, a leading provider for Data Mining solutions.

Your benefit

Ensuring the quality of master data as a basis for horizontal and vertical business processes (Working Capital Recovery)

  • Reduction of the risk of incorrect payments
  • Increase of the value chain by creating a transparent and audit compliant process
  • Preparation for the expansion of further digitization measures
  • Improvement of the role of the master data manager in the company
Cash flow Management

Cash flow Management

We help to create transparency, increasing your working capita.

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Data Quality

Data Quality

The use of modern Data Mining technology enables an efficient analysis of complex data sets.

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