Implementation contract management tool

Previously, a German financial service provider used a contract management tool as a less intuitive electronic contract archive. In order to be able to actively manage contracts with their periods of agreement and terms of notice, a new, user-friendly system was implemented and the existing contracts were migrated from the former system. The new tool has also been connected to the existing order platform.


  • Replacement of the existing contract archive by implementation of a new contract management tool to create an intuitive evidence system that is linked to the system landscape


  • Market research on providers of contract management tools
  • Creation of a catalogue of requirements for objective supplier selection and project prioritization
  • Workshop for the extension of customer-specific functionalities with project team and supplier
  • Creation of an authorization concept
  • Process documentation to define workflows, roles, and responsibilities
  • Migration of metadata and contract annexes of 200 contracts from the former to the new system
  • Communication to users and conducting training

Key data

  • Duration: 4 months
  • Scope of brief: 40 PT
  • Client: German financial services provider
  • Company size: 18,000 employees


  • Complete replacement of the former system for purchasing contracts
  • Increased acceptance of the system by intuitive user interface
  • System extension of customer-specific functionalities
  • Implementation of a maturity management (for contract termination and renewal)
  • Connection to the IT system landscape through interface to the order platform
    • Exchange of supplier master data
    • Reference on a contract basis in orders
    • Mapping of purchase order orders to control value and quantity calls
  • Migration of 200 contracts of the former system


  • Replacement of the existing contract management tool
  • Implementation of an evidence system (including runtime management and connection to the IT system landscape)
  • Implementation of the prioritize tool functionalities (et al by customer-specific extension in cooperation with tool provider)


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