Company merger: Integration of procurement functions


  • Consolidation of two procurement functions in consideration of relevant specifications and framework parameters within a group merger
  • Conception and implementation of a Target Operating Model (TOM)



  • Detailed analysis of business units to be harmonized
  • Modelling of theme clusters as a basis for the conception of TOM

Target Operating Model

  • Development of future global procurement governance
  • Conception of specific target models regarding specific theme cluster
  • Identification and systematic leverage of synergy effects (savings and efficiency gains)


  • Implementation of the developed solution scenarios per theme cluster
  • Continuous: Change Management

Key data

  • Duration: 15 months
  • Scope of brief: 600 FTE
  • Client: International financial service provider
  • Company size: 90,000+ employees


  • Organisation & Personal: Implementation of new organizational structure including employee transfer
  • Processes: Harmonization of strategic, tactical and operational procurement processes as well as accounting processes
  • Tools & Systems: Ensuring comprehensive system access and adaption of relevant tool-supported workflows
  • Policies: Customization of regulations and guidelines regarding the new organizational unit
  • Change Management & Communication: Execution of employee trainings and stakeholder communication


  • Implementation of new operational and organizational structures and thereby ensuring supply security for target customer areas
  • Harmonization of processes, tools and systems to leverage synergy potentials within the procurement function


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