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STÖHR FAKTOR corporate consultancy.

Throughout his many years' of working with financial service providers, company founder Patrick Stöhr noticed a significant discrepancy. In the vast majority of companies, purchasing has long played a strategic role, benefitting from efficient structures of management and administration. In these companies, the networking of purchasing with cost and invoice management helps to create value. But when it comes to financial service providers, and service providers in general, purchasing strategy often lags a long way behind.

At STÖHR FAKTOR we focus on several consultancy fields:

  • Emphasising and realising optimisation potential in the area of purchasing management
  • Cost management consultancy and support
  • Administration, workflow, electronic invoice management and digital document management for accounting

Thus, we view purchasing as a comprehensive process within the client's organisational structures.

The principles of our approach

Our consultancy services aim to ensure that purchasing and cost management, as well as structures and workflows in the field of accounting, make a sustainable contribution to the creation of value in the company.

For us, sustainable solutions that are either bespoke developments or derived from tried-and-tested methods stand front and centre of every project.

Depending on the brief, these could include:

  • Systematic capture and preparation of the current situation
  • Taking account of contexts and specific framework conditions
  • Analysis and assessment in light of agreed project aims and content
  • Preparation of project organisation and project structure planning
  • Project communication and documentation
  • Support for the implementation phase

Our projects don't end with the presentation of our solution. We will help you implement and embed it into everyday operations.

Our team

Patrick Stöhr, Partner

„'Our customers expect more from us than just the optimisation of their purchasing and cost management. That's why we take a comprehensive approach that involves bespoke solutions as well as tried-and-tested methods.“

Andreas Bolte

„I bring to STÖHR FAKTOR projects over 20 years' experience as a project manager and line manager in large companies and an international group. My experience encompasses team building as well as restructuring and consolidation.“

Klaus Killinger, Advisory Board

„’To be successful, you should have your heart in your company and your company in your heart’ - this is, how I perceive Patrick Stöhr and his team.”

Prof. Dr. Erich Groher, Advisory Board

„Successful companies are faced with up-to-date challenges and are constantly evolving. This has a great importance in the context of digitization. That is the reason why I want to support STÖHR FAKTOR in identifying trends in science and industry at an early stage and successfully implementing new concepts and methods.“

Christiane Murton, Manager

„I have considerable experience of applying electronic invoicing strategies at an international level – experience that I am now bringing to STÖHR FAKTOR.“

Bianca Späth

„As change consultant, I guide people and organisations in all stages of change. STÖHR FAKTOR and I have a long-term and trustful cooperation to improve corporate processes and develop successful procurement departments.”

Sarah Böging, Consultant

„By developing and introducing comprehensive supplier management and category management, we have shown that purchasing can make a sustainable contribution to the financial services sector.“

Falco Feistner, Consultant

„Having studied various procurement issues in the theory part of my Master's degree, at STÖHR FAKTOR I had the opportunity to put them into practice. This was a great opportunity for me to expand my skillset.“

Annabel Nausch, Junior Consultant

„STÖHR FAKTOR gives me the opportunity to combine my affinity for purchasing as well as the desire for optimization with tailor-made customer solutions and put those successfully into practice."

Tatjana Stöhr, Finance and Administration Officer

„My work in the accounting and finance department, and especially in HR, helps ensure that our consultants can focus on what they do best.“

Frida, Representative for Harmony

„I am responsible for the CUDDLING FACTOR“

Development of ideas, targets and visions

The STÖHR FAKTOR consultancy is supported by an external advisory board to consider the company from different angles and to promote the continuous development of STÖHR FAKTOR.

The advisory board advises the STÖHR FAKTOR management in topics like:

  • strategic business planning
  • development of trends, ideas, issues and targets on the dynamic market
  • the combination of science and business
  • challenge of digitalization and industry 4.0

The advisory board supports the development of STÖHR FAKTOR by extending the corporate network and exchanging know-how and experience.

The STÖHR FAKTOR Advisory Board is represented by Klaus Killinger and Prof. Dr. Erich Groher.

Klaus Killinger is active as a freelance consultant / coach for executives after 30 years being in leading positions with management responsibility at well-known companies. As a result, Klaus Killinger's main focus is the development and realisation of strategies, the restructuring of organisations and change management in procurement, accounting, facility management, operations and IT.

As a lecturer for supply chain management and corporate management at the ISM Munich, Prof. Dr. Erich Groher is responsible for building bridges between theory and practice in the STÖHR FAKTOR Advisory Board. He has extensive purchase experience as Head of Purchasing and Cost Management at Deutsche Apotheker- and Ärztebank.

More about Klaus KillingerMore about Prof. Dr. Erich Groher

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